How does Pollution Affect your Hair and Skin?

Hair and skin

The skin is a vital organ of the human body. Its primary purpose is to hold the vital organs into place. Skin also protects people from the elements and it gives people their unique characteristics and qualities. Even though a person’s skin is a durable covering for their torso; this organ can easily be damaged and worn down.

Pollution is one substance that tears up a person’s skin. Pollution substances and particles have the ability to break down the outer layer of the skin. They can easily cause it to become chaffed, cracked, ashy and sore. The following information describes how pollution affects your hair and skin.

Hair and skin

Common forms of Pollution:

Air pollution is a fact of life. As longs as their cars, planes and other vehicles; there will be air pollution. Pollution contains deadly chemicals which are able to cause deadly medical conditions. These substances are able to kill people if they contain deadly agents.

Here is a list of common pollutants:

* Soot

* Dust

* Grime

* Smoke

* Gas

These are normal pollutive substances. However, deadly pollutant agents such as radioactive material, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide are extremely dangerous to a person’s body. Once again, they can not only damage a person’s skin and hair, they can literally kill them. Do not forget that that pollution comes in three various forms. They include land, air and water. All three of these natural elements are able to harm a person if they are polluted.

How does pollution impact a person’s hair?

When it comes to a person’s hair, pollution typically causes it to break off or a person’s head to become irritated. Rashes, itching and in extreme cases; even swelling can occur. Gaseous pollutants typically cause irritation to a person’s skin when people come into contact with them. There has to be a considerable amount of gaseous substances in the air for this to occur.

Material pollutants that come from the land or water can also have the same effect. If a person’s hair comes into direct contact with pollution from these two sources, it can cause their hair considerable problems. There have been plenty of reported and recorded cases where people have lost their hair due to pollution.

How does a person’s skin become damage from pollution?

Pollution impacts a person’s skin by attacking the cells. This process also happens to a person’s hair. The cells on the top layer of a person’s skin are torn apart or degraded by pollution. Again, the pollution content with a substance must be high for this type of effect to take place.

Keep in mind that pollution breaks down organic material at the molecular level. So, when a contaminate comes into contact with a person’s skin; it will cause an erosion type of effect. The only way that a chemical substance will quickly damage the outer layer of the body if it has the ability to quickly break down the molecular chain of a person’s skin or hair.

Most pollutants are not that strong to damage a person’s skin and hair all at once. It normally takes some years for this type of damage to show up. However, people that live in areas where there is a high concentration of pollution; then this process can happen a lot quicker. Ultimatley, all polution plays a role with the aging process over time.