How to Make your Hair Grow Faster


There are many things that you can do to make your hair grow faster. Many people use herbs to help their hair to grow faster. There are many leaves, cactus plants and flowers which can be used to grow your hair faster. Local people in the Caribbean have been practicing these processes for many years. There are also products on the market that have proven results.


The Hibiscus Leaf and Flower:

The leaves and the flowers of the Hibiscus can be added to water and used as a rinse after washing your hair. Leave in the mixture for at least forty-five minutes. The leaves and water can be used or the flower and the water can be used. Hibiscus can be found in many Caribbean countries and there are seeds in your supermarket that you can plant. It is a fast-growing plant that can be used as a fence as it grows very thick.

Aloe Vera:

The cactus Aloe Vera can be used as a hair product as well and it softens the hair in order for it to grow faster. Peel a leaf of the Aloe Vera, take the gel and blend it with water. Apply the mixture to your hair and rub into your scalp once a day and you will see the difference in no time at all.

Cactus with prickles:

The cactus found in the deserts with prickles in them can also be used. It is flat, has a large upper top and a narrow bottom like an electric bulb. First, you need to remove the prickles from the cactus. Cut it into as many small pieces as you can and then blend it with water. Apply the mixture to your hair and rub into your scalp. This has been proven to work in Central American countries. It is called Cochineal by some locals.

Cocoa Butter:

Lately, I have experimented with Nice ‘N Fresh Cocoa Butter hand & body lotion made by Pearl Collection. I had to cut my hair because of thinning caused by too much medication. My aunt suggested the use of this lotion as it had grown unwanted hair on her arm. This idea sent me to the stores to buy a bottle. That was four months ago and now I have a full head of curls. I can now wear a bandeau in front and leave the curls at the back for church or to go shopping.

Pink Moisturizer:

Pink moisturizer is another product on the market to help your hair grow faster. Both males and females have been known to use this product for fast hair growth. Using Pink moisturizer daily along with brushing your does contribute to faster growth. Many women with permed hair use it as a styling agent. So it is a product with more than one use.